My career didn’t start off in the creative industry. Not even close. I spent hours in a cramped office ticking away at audit reports or writing up risk procedures for banks. In 2017, I felt it was time to shift gears and start figuring out what it means to “love what you do”. I quit my job (after a year of self-teaching) and jumped into an immersive web development program at General Assembly.

I landed my first role as a front end developer for a creative agency that focuses on social good companies in Atlanta. On the side, I use to work with entrepreneurs to help launch their digital presence on different platforms. There is nothing more exciting than watching people make their brand or project come to life. I know what it feels like to build and grow in a place of passion, and I know what it feels like when you’ve accomplished it!

As I started developing more knowledge in my craft, I found a role that combined my love for both design and engineering. I now work on building a design system for Mailchimp as a UX Engineer.

If I'm not digging into code or pairing fonts, you can probably find me on the other side of the hemisphere :)

Web Development

I work in the front end world primarily with frameworks, languages, and tools like React, Angular, Javascript, jQuery, D3, CSS Modules, Less and Sass. My day-to-day includes building components that create a cohesive design system. Now I’m researching how to build better websites with accessibility audits.

UX + UI Design

I love creating clean and minimal designs. I work with industry standard tools such as InVision, Sketch and Adobe Illustrator to prototype and wireframe. I play with typography, color, space and imagery to improve user interfaces. My new area of focus is around data visualization in design and development.